Friday, April 29, 2011

Mess of Spring Greens....

Spring time Greens, is a mixture of plants that grow wild in the fields or along the woodlands.  A handful of wild violet leaves, 10-12 dandelions, 3-4 poke-plant leaves, toss in a smidgen of lambs-quarter, two or three tender shoots from a blackberry vine and a few plantain leaves.    Wash them in cold water to remove any dirt, slice or lightly chop the leave mixture but keeping them somewhat intact.   Place in a boil pan of water, until the leaves are tender.  The plantain takes a while.  Add some chopped onion leaves, not to much.  Season with a couple teaspoons or a tablespoon of salt (salt to taste, anyway), and some bacon that had been fried or some sausage.  

Enjoy, with mash-potatoes and gravy and a couple of biscuits and some fried Chicken or fried steak. 

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