Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Aliens are dangerous" Part 2.

Dr. Hawking's statement "Aliens are dangerous" is a valid statement and basis of an argument upon the existence of space faring intelligent alien life that has developed technology throughout the course of their evolutionary existence.

Not only is the statement valid, but it is also rational. Paraphasing "to my mathematical mind a discussion is logical" on the existence of aliens somewhere in the galaxy or the larger universe, because he is considering the plausibility of aliens that have progressed along a technological route of their society to become a space faring society. Furthermore, it is rational to consider their existence based entirely upon our own existence and current state of technology that has allowed humanity to travel beyond our home world to our neighboring Moon and our exploration of the planets in our solar system.

Yet, it is irrational because humans do not really have a definitive example of an Alien species from another world or solar system; all that humanity has is a preconceptual idea of what an Alien might physically be like. Unknowingly, humanity is trying to describe and define the proverbial Elephant all the while blind to the unknown existence based on the plausibility.

Therefore, to express the idea and promote the concept that "Aliens are dangerous" without fully knowing if Aliens are dangerous, as some may not be, is thus an irrational fear based upon unknowns.

Yet, there is more to Dr. Hawking's statement and that would include humans and our very essences of further evolutionary development beyond the Earth. What if "We" become the "Aliens"?

If a group of humans colonist decide to move to Mars in the later half of the 21st Century and exist for 50,000 or 200,000 years genetically separated from Earth; the plausibility of evolutionary changes to the genetic sequences might thus give rise to a new species of humans. Hence, they would become Aliens. His argument that the Aliens are aggressive with their technology use, is even valid given that humans have aggression and our entire prehistory and history is full of wars and destruction.

Oftentimes, within a simple statement there is rationality and irrationality that occurs. It is often surrounded by valid and validity arguments and debates.

Is he actually referring to the plausibility of and the existence of extraterrestial aliens, or is he foreshadowing the future evolution of humans in extraterrestial environments and what they would be capable of if they were to discover a primitative society that is just beginning to develop their own space technologies?

Even the psyops discussion takes one into the shadow lands of the unknowns and paranormal.

Our species has existed for 200,000 years without the discovery of an extraterrestial alien species. Although one could equally argue that humanity has discovered terrestial alien species as they moved out of Africa into the various climates and ecological regions of the world, to the demise of various other species. However, only one or two actually poised a potential threat to their existence: H. neanderthalus and H. florensis, both of which are now extinct. Our species could exist for 200,000 to 500,000 more years without ever contacting or having a "First Contact" with an extraterrestial species or a message from some extraterrestial species could be discovered tomorrow.

However, Dr. Hawking has stated "Aliens are dangerous" and the implied meaning is they are a potential threat whether they exist or not. In our fears we progress from the unknown to the known then to a new relm of the unknown.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Aliens are "dangerous".....

British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking indicates "aliens are out there, but it could be too dangerous for humans to interact with" according to Yahoo News article from the Associated Press.

Well, he is probably right and does make compelling arguments for his statements regarding the aspects of intelligent alien species existing somewhere in the Galaxy or even in the Universe.

However, the comparison to Alien visitors being like Christopher Columbus in the New World, and humans being the open minded trusting Sun-God worshiping natives, I have to disagree with you there Dr. Hawking. This is a complimentary disagreement because of your respected level of knowledge and wisdom upon the Universe and unique aspects thereof. However, the stance that Aliens existing as some advance mythos of tribal Alien Warlords gallivanting through the cosmos ravaging rocky terestial planets for various resources including food, is a reflection of humans barbaric existence for our own recorded history.

Granted, if they have developed the technology and survived the E=MC^2 atomic stage of development to become a space traveling society or even space traveling nomad society, they would still have far advance knowledge on their computer systems and a wealth of knowledge of species that they probably were responsible for their own extinction.

They, as a species, probably came to value the uniqueness of life when they encounter life forms in other solar systems that they travel too. If they are capable of building large nearly planetary size ships, to support their "exploration" of the galaxy, then they would have advance knowledge of terraforming planets.

Yet, isn't it humans that project the aspects of the Evil Aliens traversing the Galaxy? Nearly every movie version that has aspects of dealing with "aliens" presents them in a negative light of destroying the Earth and consuming the human population as if humans were nothing more than cows or pigs, to be slaughtered and butchered by the Aliens for their food resources. So the argument stands, our very movies perpetuates this mythology because they have advance technology, we only have computer virus that destroys the great mothership in the movie "Independence Day" and humans only have bullets to fight the alien in "Alien".

Awe, our primitive human cognitive post chimpanzee screams and squeals in anger and aggression at some black monolith in Space 2010.

Maybe, and this is a matter of opinion for we have our conjecture of beliefs, they are more civilized and advance than we mear humans can only dream of in 200,000 years.

What if they were to build planetary starship the size of Mars or Earth, traveling the dark reaches between the stars for thousands of years. Each generation being instructed and schooled in concepts of nanotechnology, genetics and planetary engineering. Generation after generation learning via repetitive simulations on a variety of planets and the potential of finding a terrestial planet, such as Earth, where life is unique and diverse with various species. What if they have in their computer systems simulations of rocky worlds; Mars and Venus, or ice worlds such as Europa and Sedna? Or the gas giant planets of Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter?

Instead of the Aliens that you envision, what about a species of Aliens that would arrive on a planetary starship then survey the various planets for potential life and potential areas for establishing a colony via terraforming a world such as Venus. If they are capable of traveling 20 or 1000 light years from their home world, then surely they have the capabilities of building a space elevator that can transport water from Jupiter's moon Europa to a planet the size of Venus or Mars.

Europa, has the equivalent of twice the water of Earth. What if an advance Alien species could transport some of that water over to Venus, establish a hydrosphere, guide a few asteroids for impact to break up the crust of Venus in some areas to establish plate tectonics, seed the planet with various flora and fauna species of their distant homeworld.

Why not have an Alien species that would just observe Earth at a close distance, with their presence known. Yet, if a space ship the size of a planet were to magically arrive in this solar system and occupy the region between Mars and Jupiter, and then collectively as humanity were to start observing a magical transformation of Venus into an Earthlike planet. Or a species that is intelligent just being a neighbor to a species that just started to crawl and no longer is needing the cradle?

We, in our current existance, would worship them as Gods! Because they would mean us no harm. And we could go on about our daily lives without the fear that is so common to the descendants of "The Naked Ape". Aggression is part of the genetic coding of the hominid groups, extinct or extant. Maybe it is the fear that our human species will evolve with the continue aggression that have existed in the history of our species.

Yet, why should aggression be part of a species of Aliens that are capable of interplanetary and travel between the various supporting star systems that reside within the Milky Way?

Dangerous Aliens and the mythos of tribal Amazonians from Atlantis, sells and develops scripts for multi-million dollar movies. Because it is full of blood, guts, weapons of mass destruction, human extinction. It is the basis of slavery, the destruction of millions of bison and the various cultures of a planet all because of the Gold collected in the New World by the Europeans.

Aliens, that have the capabilities to build planetary size star-ships for terraforming rocky worlds that are geological unwelcoming to humans, i.e., Venus....wouldn't even be of interest.

What humanity can agree upon is very simple: whatever Aliens are, they are not primates. Yet, we have not met any in our existence as a species, so we go into the future fearful because of our own myths that prevail. If we do, and at some point probably will, encounter an alien culture or civilization, it is going to be humans that bring out the nuclear weapons or the harpoons. Just so that humans can hang its head upon our cavern wall.

Aliens that are capable of interstellar and interplanetary travel, if they visited Earth and were to walk inside a muesum or even download our entire internet for a complete analysis of our cultural ideas and concepts probably would be repulsed at the idea of even having various species in zoological parks or as muesum specimens. The would have the wisdom and abilities to create worlds for life to exist.

Just think of the concept: A planetary size spaceship in orbit around Jupiter would destablize the gravity wells of the Jovian moons. The same planetary size spaceship could gravitationally direct a moon the size of Europa or Io for a Venus or Martian impact. They may as well live thousands of years, and our lifetime is measures like we measure that of a fruitfly.

When humans can use their technology to change the geological processes on the neighboring worlds of Venus and Mars to allow them to become habitable, then we will have gained emense knowledge and wisdom because we will apprieciate the uniquiness that is life. Until then we overpopulate our planet and cause the extinction of thousands of species per year.

Dr. Hawking, Aliens are dangerous?