Tuesday, November 9, 2010

E.T was looking at Chicago.

Yesterday evening was enjoyable, the weather in Chicago seems a bit warm for this time of November with temperatures hovering around the 60's and dropping into the 40's at night. Wanted to go to the Adler Planetarium as the Chicago Astronomer, Joe Guzman, was hosting a star party for the evening. Upon arriving, was able to see the Moon hanging low in the western sky's over Chicago's skyline. Jupiter and two of the moons were visible in the sky, even with the high cloud haze along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. It is always great to meet individuals that are interested in the sciences and learning, Joe is excellent in explaining various astronomical sights to everyone. While there, we all got to see "E.T" placement in the night sky and Universe above us. The "E.T" constellation was once called "The Owl" constellation, not to be confused with "The Owl" nebula. It was enjoyable to meet other people and especially talk with the bus driver, we all learn every day something fascinating when one looks out into the night sky and beyond.

I was hoping that two other friends, Paulie Christman, and his girlfriend, Hillary, would be there last night. We had communicated earlier about seeing Sun-dogs, on our social network connection. Paulie, you got some excellent pictures of the Sun-dogs posted over on your blog site!

During the time, I went for a walk along the shoreline and the reflections of the City of Chicago is like a Christmas Tree when viewed from near the Adler Planetarium. People and families walking and enjoying a warm night, the couples that embrace and have their special memories, the occasional motorbike that one hears along the street.

I attended one about a month ago, but the humidity and cool moisture off of the lake made the evening a bit chilly. Plus, that day the President was in Chicago and traffic was a mess along Lake Shore Drive. It seems like every time I go into the city, something occurs and traffic is re-routed in some way.

I live out in the western burbs near Ohare Airport and last night CTA, Chicago Transit Authority, had reported "police activity". Well, this shut down the Blue Line from Addison to Jefferson Park on the train route. Everything might as well be viewed as an adventure, so off the train and onto one of the buses. Later, as people tried to figure out what was occurring--the bus driver had said that a bomb-threat had been called in and that the police were checking the rail-transportation between Addison and Jefferson Park. During the same time, there was accidents on the incoming and outgoing lanes of I-94 in the same region.

E.T was looking at Chicago.