Monday, February 7, 2011

The "End Times" Blizzard of 2011

Chicago has some interesting weather, even if one doesn't like the weather up here all they have to do is wait 5 minutes cause it surely will change.   Last week, everyone was getting prepared as the weather forecast was calling for "Blizzard Conditions".  Off to the store, cause during a blizzard a hearty recipe of "Chili" will get one through.  Several cans of beans; red kidney both light and dark, a can of black beans, a can of white beans, ground hamburger, and sausage.   Even a bottle of Seagrams and Svedka Vodka are "staples" of cold weather because they are excellent to cook with, especially a little Vodka mixed in the "Chili".   A mean pasta sauce or some bourbon ribs is always a tasty treat, and the "Chili" too.

As the events unfolded and the snow continued to fall, the social networking aspects of modern life have came in as a lifesaver.   Its always great to communicate with family and friends across the country, and new friends as well.   I have to give credit where credit is due with the "End Times" as that comes from the Chicago Astronomer Astro Joe---over the last week everyone has been shoveling driveways and paths along the sidewalks.   The coverage image from NASA doesn't quite make things on the ground real, but this was a huge storm, reaching 2100 miles in length from parts of New Mexico all the way into Maine. 

Springtime cannot come soon enough.    Until then, enjoying cooking. 

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Paulie said...

Man, it's been almost a month already, all the blizzard snow has melted and been replaced (and mostly melted again), yet winter has yet to give up much of it's grip over us. I'm hoping for better weather the next week. Winter has to end sometime...