Saturday, October 23, 2010

Small Worlds seem so large.

Ever wonder what Earth looks like from Mars? With all the various people and nations, species extinction, arguments over global warming, rising sea level, inner city crime, country lacking things to do and a multitude of other issues, when looked at from afar Earth is a small world.
The picture came from a undocumented web resource on the web.


Paulie said...

I believe this picture was taken by the stuck Martian rover Spirit. Even though she is stuck, Spirit is still taking science data, monitoring the atmosphere, and keeping with Carl Sagan's idea of turning the Voyager cameras back for a look at Earth, has given us another distant look at our home.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Hey Paulie;
Thanks, I wasn't sure where the image or who to reference considering when it was taken. It is inspiring to look at our "Pale Blue Dot" from a distance cosmic shore, to paraphase Dr. Sagan.
I can watch Cosmos and even today gain so much from his words and wisdom, he truly was a light in the many unknowns.

Paulie said...

I was wrong about Spirit still taking science data. She is in a deep hibernation, since she could not get into a position to maximize sunlight through the long Martian winter. All solar energy absorbed right now is being used to charge the batteries and keep the mission clock going. Nobody knows if Spirit will wake up in the Martian spring, about a month away. The rovers have performed so well for more than 6 years (from missions that were only anticipated to last a few months). It will be a sad day if Spirit doesn't wake up, but with all the setbacks she's had long the way, I won't be surprised at all if she comes back to life.