Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where are we....

Alien Tourists:

By a stretch of the imagination, it was 15 Billion years ago that an alien species and they had reach the level of intelligent that they could modify subatomic particles. They developed a high level and advance civilization even traveling in time to understand the existence of the known Universe. Unfortunately, their home world was traveling or spiraling into a black hole.

Their political and scientific minds realized that to save their scientific knowledge, they would have to create a Universe within the bridge between the black hole and the white hole. They built a LHC on a planetary scale and uped the power as their world was stretched and spagettified in the greatest event of their civilization.

The're entire planets mass was shrunk down to the size of a pea, thus converted into the precursor of the Big Bang.

13.7 Billion the size of a pixel. Dr. Suess and his book "Horton hears a Who".

Thus, our perception of the Universe, is but just one small pixel point in the greater time-bridge of the multi-verse that exist....thus stretching and spagettifying the cognitive concept. Where are we, some point and place in time, but where it is and how it got this way...the sonic screwdriver doesn't there a box of crayons? I just want to know?

Even the scientific paper and article is somewhat of a bewilderment.

How do they think at that level? Wow.....

Now throw in the concept that everything is a holographic Universe and what we precieve as reality is just a projection...

Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop! vocalizations occur to mimic the "Three Stooges"!

Even at the metaphysical levels, what was will be, what is up (Heaven) is there really an up universe? Or what is down (Hell) and is there really a down universe and everything that is known or exists in the middle (Earth Centered)?

I want the "Blue Green" Crayon in the box...and the red jellybeans in the Easter Basket.

I'm trying to conceptualize this.....ummm I can't, I have limitations. But atleast, I know that I cannot.

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Paulie said...

I can't even really fathom 13 billion years ago, or the size of our known universe, let alone to think of it as part of something bigger. It wouldn't surprise me if we were though, sort of the ultimate extension of the Copernican worldview. Makes me think of the end of "Men in Black."